Marie Antoinette Bodypainting

Marie Antoinette Bodypainting

      Last April I was feeling the need to do a new body art work, and wanted to do something different than things I have done in the past. 
  What about merging Style and Bodypainting? And making it interact in a very busy crowded street. "Moving Nude Art"?? 

    I expressed my desire of doing this project to my good friend Alisa Paganis who introduced me to the model Beth Horn. I know for a matter of fact if we want to be very detailed, and at the same time fast , I needed an assistant. A friend of mine introduced me to Matt Olson Fx Makeup Artist. Two airbrush machines are better than one for sure. I decided to do a Marie Antoinette because she represents style, and I thought I would be able to express her through bodypainting. I called my friend Pedro Ocampo (Hair stylist)  to do the hair, and 2 important people to shoot the project: Ian Pfeiffer for pictures, and Hector Pina for videos. 

   We started on a Sunday early morning at Alisa's place with the Willis Tower ( previous Sears Tower) in the background . Everything moved smoothly. All the work was done freehand, I applied a first layer with Mehron water base paint to create a base, then drew the dress with a black pencil.  With the airbrush machine, a spatula(used as a stencil) , and black Mac Cosmetic silicone base paint, we created the details for the dress. We also added on stones , and crystals to make the dress shiny and luxurious. I was very concerned about bringing the nude model to a public place as I didn't want to get in trouble. Did some research ,and found out that i just needed to make sure not show nipples and privates. I made a hook skirt boning, and got lots of netting fabric, to create the big skirt that characterized the era. I grabbed a little travel makeup kit for touch ups, and the crew and I headed out to our first destination "The Art Institute of Chicago".

We arrived to the Art Institute around noon. It was very crowded. Right away people started wondering what was happening. Quickly people started stopping to take pictures. We got lots of attention. I think the best part was that people started asking if we were part of a Museum attraction. At that point , I thought "We did it YAAAY!. We tried to get as close as possible to the main entrance. Suddenly I realized we got so much attention, that we were kicked out by the security officer. In any case we had enough time to get some really amazing/cool pictures , and see people responses to my "Moving Art". We left the museum with a big smile, and we headed out to our next destination "Boys Town" Nobody realized she was naked!  

            IT was so much fun in Boystown , people were very friendly and curious. We went to grab a drink at Sidetrack. Lots of people wanted pictures and selfies with the "Moving Art" and were having fun. I still have the images in my head, of people getting out of their car in the trafic light to take pictures.  We walked to an alley where we ended the day. Hopefully you guys enjoy the pictures on this journey as much as we enjoyed working on this project. The pictures tell the story by itself...